Yulli Mur — Desktop Murmur Admin Interface that communicates with a server via Ice and over SSH
(need installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4)

Download Yulli Mur (Windows, v1.6 [build 1118], ZIP, 1MB)

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= Major Version History =


Setup murmur.ini


# address and port to listen network interface for Ice 
#  use to listen all interfaces (warning, remote connection is not secure!)
ice="tcp -h -p 6502"

# password to communicate with Ice
#  use the same password for read and write operations
If you are using Ice through a router (NAT), you need to setup Published Endpoint.
Add new line at the end of file in [Ice] configuration section (change to a server public IP, and don't forget to band an option value with quotes):
Murmur.PublishedEndpoints="tcp -h -p 6502"

If you found a bug, please post it on the issue tracker.
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